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I do what might be described as classical realism or representational painting because it speaks to my heart and I hope that my work speaks to some of you, too. I really appreciate the support. So I submitted these two paintings for consideration for the "Art Maryland 2016" exhibit in Howard County. I got a form email that they were rejected by the juror and new curator of the Baltimore Museum of Art, Christopher Bedford. At first I felt bad, but after doing a bit of research on what makes Mr. Bedford tick, I don't so much any more. Not to knock his picks, but to quote Morrisey, they "say nothing to me about my life." To each his/her own, I guess. Back to the easel.…/100-Curators…/348930/35290/view  P.S.  I'm not knocking abstract/nonrepresentational or contemporary collage-type art.  I agree with @Kingston that it is very difficult to do well, but when it is done well, it can be sublime.  Rothko comes to mind. 


  • Hey Martin. Checked out that link. That style is not my cup of tea. Your work is Excellent!! Chins up:-)
  • Keep painting @Martin_J_Crane your work is fantastic!
  • In my country realism has vanished from the scene, most of the time it is something very different. I dont even know what it is called! Neo-abstract? These are highly patterned, stylized works. All looks the same for selling purpose. My wife feels like throwing up looking at them!
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    @Martin_J_Crane ; I'm especially flabbergasted because I'm trying to reach your level.  Take heart, you still have us!  Summer
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    @davidwwilson @Martin_J_Crane I am practicing realism because I want to paint in the manner of 19th century realist style. Styles of constable, Turner and other realists like Anton Mauve, Paul Gabriel are so ingrained in me that it is impossible to ignore their influence. It seems to me that I will never be able to display these ever let alone earning from them considering the kind of paintings young artists  present at exhibitions. I have to rely on whatever I have been able to teach myself in non-representational expressionism. My love for 19th C realism is solely for me, don't think there are any takers!
  • @Martin_J_Crane... no sweat Martin. Ur stuff is nice. Some of it tells a story which is a bonus. As Kingston said, u r one of the top artist on this forum. Looking forward to seeing more stuff. Never let someones cock-eyed opinion stop you. Ur work has inspired many on this forum. 
  • You would fit very well into the Boston School.   Please take a look at

  • I entered a painting in a show one time and it didn't place.  After looking around at what did place, I was relieved that it didn't receive any recognition.  Your work is extremely good and if they didn't like it that's their inability to recognize quality when they see it.  A good judge should be able to recognize excellence outside their preferred style of painting.
  • Martin, your paintings are absolutely beautiful.  Don't get discouraged by this, it is very hard to please everyone, especially jury.  I also entered juried competition with no success.  Yet, I have put my paintings in a couple of art show and got voted best of the show by the public in both.  Remember, this is the public who will buy your paintings, not the jury.  Keep your head up, your paintings are something to be proud of!
  • There is plenty of abstraction in the works of artists like Richard Schmid,Scott Burdick...beyond realism.
    I agree with Kaustav...90% of the artists(I should say students) I know in our country aren't aware of the above mentioned artists(even more shocking is the fact that they seem to know monet..but Have absolutely no clue who Sargent is).
    From what I have seen in colleges(which I am now part of)...students are asked to develop there own style..before becoming proficient at more important things.
    99% of these artists end up making abstract   or hyperrealistic stuff.

    I do think we need to broaden our horizon.
    It is disheartening to see how no one even knows living masters like Schmid exist..

    @Martin_J_Crane: I have always admired your work.I judge how good a painting is by asking myself whether I would hang it on my walls.
    Someday..I would definitely want to hang one of your paintings.

    Warm regards.
  • Martin, Your paintings are great. Keep painting what and how you like. If we all painted for the critics art would be much the poorer.
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    Feel better, your paintings would go nicely with the fine woodwork over the mantle behind Nick.
  • Thank you fellow painters for your kind words, which means a lot to me. 
  • Martin , to me your paintings are EXCEPTIONAL!!  I absolutely love them. 
    I'd like to know what Mark Carder thinks as I'd value his opinion more than this other guy who was choosing the entries. 
    I have to say I do not 'get' Rothko. 
    Probably says more about me than it does about his paintings but I wish I could see what people see in them.  

  • I've just checked out that site you mentioned where the pieces approved by Mr Bedford are shown. 
     No wonder he didn't choose your paintings. 
    He obviously has extremely strange taste. Either that or he's just having a laugh !!! 
  • Yeah, most curators have a show preset.  The concepts they work with for an open entry show tend to work with things that are likely to be entered in any city at any time.  That means works that do not require much skill.  There is after all a lot that can be done without skill.  From that pool they select the ones that seem expressive of trends or social movements they support.  Often they already have the winners picked out before any call for entries gets underway.  They can do this as a way of generating financial support for themselves and recognition for the friend of a friend artist.  If an entry goes against the grain and is liable to gain popular recognition but no acknowledgment in the show this creates an unwanted threat.  Consequentially those works are left out.  
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    very nice holsty Lanificio Prato. The best canvases for oil painting.

    holsty Lanificio Prato

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    @Martin J Crane, @Avestan, excellent work and what happened there with you is all too common today. Ever consider the term "interpretative realism", not to complicate things, been so for me for more than 30 years now, speaks to my soul, and most certainly speaks the same to viewers of my work. For me to be accepted just about anywhere is still very difficult, near impossible. And I most often say "no worries" to myself. All the very best, my heart is with you.
  • Are all artists except me philosophers? Well I'll give it a try too. Here goes:

    Martin, You said you painted those beautiful paintings in that style because it "speaks to my heart". Well you should continue that way because if your painting doesn't speak to your heart it wont speak to anyone else's.  

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