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Japan oil painting, opinions, comments, critiques are welcomed

I think im stuck between realism and childish look painting , i paint since years ago but i dont really invest much time in painting what do u think i need to make better pieces ?


  • My reference photo but i composed it differently 
  • Haitham

    This is a style of art that is widely respected and admired called naive art.ïve_art

    Here is a quote

    The characteristics of naïve art are an awkward relationship to the formal qualities of painting, especially non-respect of the three rules of the perspective (such as defined by the Progressive Painters of the Renaissance):

    1. Decrease of the size of objects proportionally with distance,
    2. Muting of colors with distance,
    3. Decrease of the precision of details with distance,

    The results are:

    1. Effects of perspective geometrically erroneous (awkward aspect of the works, children's drawings look, or medieval painting look, but the comparison stops there)
    2. Strong use of pattern, unrefined color on all the plans of the composition, without enfeeblement in the background,
    3. An equal accuracy brought to details, including those of the background which should be shaded off.

    Simplicity rather than subtlety are all supposed markers of naïve art. It has, however, become such a popular and recognizable style that many examples could be called pseudo-naïve.

    The pattern in the cherry blossoms and the undefined direction and flow of light is also characteristic of the naive style.

    It really depends on what you want to do. Naive art has a big following with galleries, collectors  and schools devoted to the style. Naive artists can make big money.


  • I like it. It has something  the quality of the Japanese screen print.
  • Thank u all for me that is surprisingly amazing as i didnt know about tje naive painting thing, i really need to put more time in reading more in art not just sitting infront of canvas... and i promisr i'll be posting my still life from real setting soon David :) 

  • Wow, nice paintings. Japanese paintings are one of the most beautiful art ever. I mostly like Japanese calligraphy painting which is the most popular fine arts of Japan. In the simplest understanding, the calligraphy is an art to writing beautifully. Recently from Sumigrpahy, I purchased one of the most popular kanji art Eternity, which is created by the two complex characters of the Japanese word. By the way, your painting is very beautiful. 
  • @Emilyparker thank u, i saw lots of calligraphy art i like it as well, that was the painting from which i switched from my naive type art to starting my realism learning curve and im taking my baby steps, will post a portrait soon, here is my first portrait i started changing my type of art

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