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paulzpaulz -
edited August 2016 in Post Your Paintings
This was challenging for me. I weaved in and out of the Carder method due to a lack of discipline. The client cried when she saw it. I must admit I felt warm and fuzzy inside. I hope the copyright pic isn't a problem. The client isn't going to reproduce it, and I charged about a penny to paint it. Any comments are welcomed. 

The client wanted a slight swoop in the nose. The other pic references showed this. A common trait in this breed of horse.


  • @paulz
    If you can post the source with the painting , that would be great. If you combined multiple refernce photos to create your work, that does not violate copyright. If you copied a single source photo without permission, with only a minor change, and sold it,  that is a copyright violation.

    I understand a client request,.but if that client posts a picture of your painting and the photographer sees it, you can get sued. As an artist you need to educate the client, guide them into good choices, and honor other artists rights the way you'd want your artist rights respected.
  • I know someone that got hit for 50k because they used their copy painting of a copyright photo on merchandise.

     Most photographers will give you permission for a one off painting if you ask, and there are a lot of sites that have cc or free use photos. Creative Commons lets you search easily for such images.

     Photographers and artists these days use programs that search the internet for their photos or paintings automatically.

    It's okay to paint copyrighted  images you like for practice, or as a gift to someone, or to hang on your wall, but once you sell it you run the risk of legal action.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited August 2016
    @paulz ; Now you've really got me curious (chuckle)!   :)  I don't know your situation exactly, but I'd try to get authorization--even at this late date.  You don't have to tell your whole story--especially because it is an honest oversight.  Summer
  • Is my pic showing up? I can see it.
  • paulz said:
    Is my pic showing up? I can see it.
    Yes.  Your pic is showing very well, in fact.  I can see why the client cried--it's much better than the photo.  Summer 
  • Summer -Hello Summer. Have to ask. Are you using your new studio?
    Hi David.  Thanks for asking.  So far I haven't missed a day.  Painting the next two days along with online courses.  Husband is building custom bookcases for the ever expanding library.  Ten thousand hours to show time, as they say.  Summer
  • Boy, the discipline thing is killer right!  But i really like this paining.  This is one that i would never let go of if i painted it.  Specifically i really like the background and earth.  The tonality is wonderful.  Also, you have captured the grace of the horse and rider and that is the hardest thing of all.  Congratulations on a fine painting.
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