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DMP attempt 2

IndraIndra -
edited August 2016 in Post Your Paintings
Some improvement, but slow going. This took about 4 HR of painting time over 2 days.

 So much oil in the Geneva paints I was using that it was impossible to get the background color on the canvas and as you can see, the umber background color still shows through. I just gave up on that. It was like trying to paint with baby oil so I will probably change to another brand and medium for future. I also might try refrigerating my palette and the paints to see if that helps, or cutting open the tubes and sticking the paint in jars to try and see if better actual mixing rather than massaging and shaking the tubes helps. 

I am in no way blaming the paint for my embarrassing lack of skill. 


  • @davidwwilson
    Thanks for the encouragement.

    I draw very well, but I use the proportional divider. It does help. I have poor depth perception too. My eyes don't converge correctly, so I can't see real 3D. Add in astigmatism and the need for bifocals and painting from imagination works best for me.  Still life is a real challenge. Also, I'm more used to watercolor where it dries quickly and you can go over it.

    I watched Mark put a highlight in on his recent wet in wet video and thought, how did he do that? When I try it with the same paints, I just get a mess of tainted color. Some oil painters keep 3 or 4 painting going at a time so there is always something to work on, but I like to work out n to be hing at a time. 

    • A friend told me to try storing the paint cap down and maybe putting a cold pack under my palette . But the paint seems okay on there. It's only when I put it on the vertical canvas that it seems to get nasty. The ultramarine especially. But I paid for it, so I'll try to find a way to use it. Mabey adding alkyd gel.
  • Keep going, we are our worst critics! Set small goals and pat yourself if you get close. 
  • IndraIndra -
    edited August 2016
    I have been thinking about drawing and painting my 3rd DMP on my slant desk. That might help. Also, I might try sticking my still life next to my desk so I can really see it.

    I am definitely my worst critic! Something to work on.
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