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Now selling my paintings, please help!

I'm now finally starting to offer my paintings for sale. :)

I've put together a twitter account, a facebook page and a website to show the pictures I have painted and to let people contact me if they would like to buy one of my paintings. I will update these with new paintings as I paint them as well as post here on the forum.

I would be very grateful if you would add me as a friend on twitter, share my facebook page with your friends and ask them to share as well, and post about my website.

It's all about letting people know about my work.

Thank you very much!






  • SummerSummer -
    edited August 2016
    Very nice.  Congrats.  Came as a nice surprise.  :)
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  • Thanks Tim! Following you too :)
  • Hi Kingston,

    Everything you have said is completely correct :)

    I've previously sold computer games on my own website and know exactly what you mean, as it is almost impossible for 99% of lone people to make a real profit. So you are probably wondering why I am doing this? Well, my realistic aim is to sell 1 or 2 paintings in a year. That would give me a very small amount of money, but would give me a nice boost and pay for the materials. I might not sell any, I might sell more, but I think that's a realistic target.

    I would still paint whether for sale or not, and if someone wants to buy one of my paintings, I would be delighted. But I'm not painting to sell, or trying to make it a full business with paying for e-commerce and spending on marketing. This is just a hobby and these series of paintings of different subjects, experimenting with methods and approaches are how I am trying to improve. It's also a lot of fun! :)

    Hope that makes sense!
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