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Good photo for painting?

its a pano so a bit distorted. I think it could be a contender just the same. Atop of Mt. Major Alton N H


  • Looks like Sydney Harbour without Sydney. I think this could make a good painting, Flatty.
  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Sorry! This is my favored pic
    [Deleted User]Kaustav
  • Again, I think this could be made into a nice painting.
  • Just place one or two figures in the front. It will become an extraordinary painting I am sure.
  • Nice pic. Never been to Winni. Wondering about the fishin there. 
    You have a program to fix that pano shot? 
  • FlattyFlatty admin
    some said:
    Nice pic. Never been to Winni. Wondering about the fishin there. 
    You have a program to fix that pano shot? 
    Great bass fishin in the summer. They have fat Togue to be had in the winter. I pay monthly for Adobe software
  • It's a lovely picture, but play with the idea of cropping it. The only reason I say this is because your horizon line is basically dead center of the picture.

    By horizontally cropping out some of the sky or the some of the land, you change the center point. Also cropping vertically is an option. It makes a nice picture on the right hand side with the tree and stony outcropping in the foreground if you remove 2/3 of the left side.

    It never hurts to play with cropping if only to reaffirm that you like the picture as a pano and want to paint it that way.
  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Point well taken;-) thanks
  • I agree with @davidwwilson ; Mark's video about composition showed this as well. Watch at 12:38. I think this is a very good picture for a painting.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • I agree artists should do what they like, but there is no down side to thinking about alternatives or considering why you like or don't like a certain way of looking at something.

    In the video the three examples are all by clever artists who made clever choices. In example 1 the artist covered almost half the canvas with trees. This means the entire canvas is not actually cut half. 

    In the second painting, the flat line of the sea is below the middle point. The actual center line of the work is at the ridge line which was given varied shape to interest the eye. The ridge is not a straight line. The artist also cleverly put ships in the foreground which have sails that pierce the line of the sea and ridge to tie things together more strongly.

     In the third painting, the artist used the tall shapes of the towers to lift the eye to the sky, while breaking up the lower portion with color blocks of buildings and the cliff face. Again, it was very clever.

    In reality, all three of the artist worked very hard to avoid drawing the eye to the dead center of the painting across the entire width of their painting. They were clearly very conscious about what they did and choices they made.

    I believe rules are made to be broken and artists should find their own way. Mark is right, look at great art that you like and figure out what they did to make that piece successful. But in the end, do what you like.
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