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Color and Value

Here are a couple of images based on a color table I found in a book call On Painting and Drawing by Denham Waldo Ross. I did this as an example for a foundation class Im teaching in the fall. The premise is that you build ramps for your three colors Red R, Yellow Y, and Blue B. The ramp go from white to black with 7 values in-between. Three values either side of tube color. Starting with Blue you mix Hi Light Blue with Light Yellow to make Light Green continuing in the manner to the bottom. Do the same to mix orange using Yellow with red. There is an offset that makes for a pretty coherent color value map. This is a bit sloppy but it show the guys idea. Ross was a professor at Harvard in 1912 when he published this. His field was design. This is not restricted to this pattern by change the order of the primaries you can do a lot with this.
This was done using Geneva paints.
Looks like I mis labeled BG oops. Lucky the class in in September.

[Deleted User]Kaustav


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