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Alternatives to baby wipes for removing paint from reference photos?

I know this is what Mark uses and recommended --wondering about some more eco-friendly solutions? not sure what the heck is in those bad boys.....haha


  • google says the cloth is polypropylene and ingredients often not disclosed but heres a  cool person who  listed some ingredients and made some natural alternatives.....I wonder if some thing like good old food grade mineral oil soaking some high quality paper towels would work....but i don't have any babies to wipe so any one use anything else nontoxic to remove oil paint off their laminated reference photos.??
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  • rstall

    Dry cotton or paper tissue alone should remove fresh paint from a gloss laminate.
    Either of the above with olive, safflower or SDM would be more thorough.
    Really dry or paint stain could be removed with either of the above and some isopropyl alcohol.

    That being said I like wet wipes for cleaning up tables, brush handles, hands and palettes.


  • I use a paper towel with a little isopropyl alcohol.
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