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Compact Travel Camera

I've taken the plunge and bought a camera to help take photos to paint from (and to get better pictures of my paintings). I don't have the money to stretch to a good DSLR, and I wanted something small and compact that would be a good general camera.

At the moment I only have my phone which produces better pictures than I expected, but is a bit limited.

After looking at a lot of reviews and information I have gone with the Panasonic DMC-TZ60EB-S. It's a small compact travel camera with a very large zoom (x30). I'll probably end up taking more landscapes in daytime so I wanted a good zoom. I know the sensor is only a 1/2.3" one, but I couldn't stretch for anything more. It's a few years old now, but that means the price has gone down a lot.

Apart from the good reviews the main reason I got this camera is that as well as having a small but (apparently) handy EV, it is one of the few cameras in this price range that can save RAW files.

I don't paint in a super realism style (nor have the ability too!), so I hope this camera will serve me well. :)

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