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Photoshop Question

H.MH.M -
edited June 2016 in Photography & Printmaking
EDIT: i have been drinking too much coffee which has rendered my brain useless.
          I just remembered David specifically mentioned not to change the pixel dimensions...but only the print size.
But i would still appreciate it if someone could tell me if the picture quality would be different if I printed it out with changed Pixel Dimensions.

I really liked the blue vase painting(remids me of a my mothers vase I had broken) Mark had done in the workshop video posted on I wanted to make one for myself.Also this would be the first time i work from a photo of a still life..instead of a painting like I had done for my first DMP.
So i took a screenshot of it and the resolution was 1366*768 pi...when I checked the image size on photoshop It indicated  at around 14*8 inches...but instead of finding the multiplier number and all that ...I just tried increasing the resolution manually...this naturally increased the width and height of the image size without much of a loss in resolution...So my question this normal?
If i were to print out the photo (after manually changing the resolution) to the width and height that was indicated..would it be as clear as it is on my monitor.

I am putting up pictures of the before and after...I havent zoomed in to check how pixelated it becomes.for both cases.
I am not too particular about painting it too large.
Thank you


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