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Sky blue

I m painting a landscape from photo and can't seem to get to the bright blue I see higher in the sky.
It looks like a cerulean blue but I cannot seem to get there with the ultramarine blue as a primary
Any advice?
thank you


  • edited May 2016
    I'll pass this on just in case it works for you. On my No Blend painting of the salt and pepper shaker, I tried for nearly 2 hours to get the right blue for the salt shaker. Eventually, on a whim, I tried WN Phalhalo Turquoise, even though I didn't in my mind think it was anything like what I needed. And it turned out to be perfect.
    Youd'd have to lighten etc. but it might work.
  • Ultramarine blue can have some red in it, is naturally more of a dark blue and also may not be as fully saturated as a Phthalo blue can be.

    As the others have said, I'd start with Phthalo blue and see if that looks closer.
  • @Engartist , like they said before me, I think maybe a touch of phthalo probably will do the trick. Sometimes use a different white as well. Sometimes titanum white can grey a color a bit more than one needs. Also, some ultramarines are listed as "blue shaded", or "red shaded". Important to know. The red shade grayed down a bit for me when I was trying to get a certain blue. When i painted my last blue sky, i couldnt get it without a touch of phthalo in some parts highest in the sky. And, if your painting from a photo, sometimes the red gets filtered out a bit, depending on the camera ,or camera setting, then it looks much bluer in the photo than it really is, and a power color like pthalo, is needed. ...seems to work for me anyways.
  • Mark_CarderMark_Carder admin
    Attempt to mix the sky color with a clean brush and ONLY ultramarine, cadmium yellow and white.  Then "boost" the color with a touch of pthalo (any blue/blue green version) blue.  It won't take much.  

    The color of the sky in your photo is very likely over saturated (as almost all photos are) and therefore the sky color is a stronger blue green than it would be naturally.
  • Thank you all for your advice
    I am trying to get back into painting after 30 years in the black and white field of engineering and am having a steep learning curve with color mixing
    Mark I admire your skills and talent and thank you for all of the information and instruction on your website - I hope you are seeing a nice return on your investments

  • I too am trying to get sky blue light with just the Geneva colors. will carefully try mark's combination, with a VERY clean brush. if that doesn't do it, I'll go buy pthalo and try that. fingers crossed.
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