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Plein air color checking quandary

edited May 2016 in Color Mixing
Hi all,

I'm fairly new to the Carder method. I've done some paintings from photos and they turned out well but now I'm trying to commit myself to painting from direct observation. 

I'm attempting to do a plein air landscape painting from a balcony. The scene from up on the balcony looks out from on top of a bluff upon a wooded golf course and then onto Lake Michigan. It is also very sunny. I have just finished sketching the scene, but now I'm running into problems with the color mixing. Every time I put a color  on my color checker and hold it out, the color becomes dark. It does not matter how much white or yellow I add to lighten it up. The color becomes really dark when I stick it out, even though its not dark on my pallet. I think that because the scene I'm looking at is very bright and sunny, but I'm in the shade, on the balcony which is covered by an overhanging roof, my eyes just can't register the color that I put on my color checker. 

Does anyone have any advice for how I can do my color checking? Or do I just need to paint from somewhere else like where the lighting is all just the same? 

Anyways I'd be mighty grateful for any help! Thanks! 



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