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Full Time Job

gfishgfish -
edited February 2013 in Off-Topic Discussion
OK here is the deal. I leave Ohio and come to Florida, leave my lap top at home, forget my golf clubs and my favorite beach chair. I get on another lap top and check this forum and spend the next 4 hours going though all the new posts. Hit a couple with a smile, comment on one or two,
Finally get caught up. It's a full time job keeping up with you people. When am I going to fish or paint or look at the ocean or ride my bike. Then I have to sun bath, get a gin and tonic and have time to enjoy that. Then there is the food, meeting Gary sometime and then get caught up again on this forum. Oh, and paint something for the challenge. I can't handle the stress. I need to find a cool dry space. This is supposed to be relaxing down here. Gees! One good thing, my Grand-daughter who lives with us in Ohio told me that they have 3 inches of snow and getting 3-4 more tonight so I guess 67 and sun is a comfort. Add to that Liz, first thing I heard when I got here was my friend from Alabama yell, Hey Anyway to all that have post paintings old and new, its great to be back.


  • Glad to seeing you 'relaxing' in Florida Bubba G! Thought you might be to busy to visit your forum buddies but glad to see you have our priorities right!! Was thinking about you today ....I spent 6 hours exploring a huge number of artist tents in Mount Dora. What a great time, gorgeous weather and some really wonderful art. As I mentioned in another thread, in our little town of 11,000 we're expecting 250,000 visitors over the weekend for our 38th annual art festival. Going back tomorrow for a few hours and then back home to get ready for the Super Bowl. Hope you didn't forget your tv for the big game! Glad you made it down safely...hope the new digs are working out. :)
  • I just can't get past the part where you left your laptop at home.
  • Thanks Gary. Will give you a call later or you can post me with a time frame that works for you and Nancy.
    sue, life is hard but it is a lot harder when you are stupid
  • :)) gotta love them 'Bama people bubba! =))
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