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Winsor and newton Underpainting white

Could someone please tell me what makes this underpainting white suitable for , well , underpainting ?

Is this Alkyd based ? Can this be used in place of the griffin alkyd that has been recommended on the supply list page to stain the canvas ?


  • Gerard61, did you ever get any info on this point?  I"m trying to find out if I can blend underpainting white with regular oils to create a tinted ground. 
  • oldpaint58

    I don't see a problem with this idea. Mixing in this way will slow the drying rate as you are introducing more oil to a lean 'solvent rich' mix.

    Another way to achieve the same outcome is to use tinted gesso or mix white gesso with acrylic tinting color.


  • I'm not sure of the nature of under painting in this old discussion. I found underpainting white (fast drying) by W&N but it was $109 on amazon for 200ml. It gives no clue as to being alkyd but appears to have a yellowish cast to it. The old reliable W&N Griffin Alkyd Titanium White dries in 24 hrs or less and costs $28 for 200ml. Even less a Jerry's. for this discussion are we looking for oil ground, tinted primer or just a toned "underpainting" stain?
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