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Just opened a bottle of Galway Pipe "Fine Australian Tawny Port" cheers to all you Aussies!


  • CharleyBoy

    A fine drop it is.

  • I am drinking the same thing I drink every morning. One bag of Twinnings English breakfast, a big pinch of Twinnings Earl Gray loose tea; brewed three minutes in boiling hot water Then I add lots of whole milk and a teaspoon of sugar. Mmmm, got have it or I don't wake up properly.
  • I can mentally taste the port Charley (not like really drinking it but I get why it's good). Mark's breakfast drink, however, is something I'm going to have to try for myself...can't imagine what hot tea, whole milk plus sugar tastes like?! :-O
  • @Gary a year in London and at the end is delicious!
    In Italy tea is with lemon!
    .... but maybe Mark does the best thing! I can't wake up without 3 cups of Nescafe red cup and a little surgar! @-)
    ridiculous in Italy we have a delicious cappuccino ~O)

    @Charley if I drink a glass of wine I drunk! ...even though I like the taste =P~

  • Love a good port. Will have to look for that
  • edited February 2013
    French Roast coffee to start the day. I also have the coffee maker on automatic, life is good.
    Nightcap, Tea, and a shot of brandy on weekends. Learn that from an English from in college. ;)
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    My highest priority of drink is water. I drink a minimum of 3 liters a day religiously, over and above anything else I drink. Hot weather and heavy perspiration can nearly double that at times.

    Next is tea--I'm a freaking "Monk" when it comes to tea and I have an entire section of my kitchen cabinets devoted to teas. About half of that is composed of boxes of first-time trials that I didn't fall in love with, but haven't used up yet. I also have many favorites that I use regularly. I buy loose tea most of the time, and I usually brew pots of tea by mixing 3 or 4 kinds. My typical morning brew is about 2/3 Ahmad brand Ceylon Orange Pekoe, 1/6 Japanese-style green tea, and 1/6 gunpowder green tea. The straight black tea is usually the dominant base, but it's nice to have several others that influence the flavor in various ways. One kind of green tea will add a little grassiness to the flavor, the gunpowder green adds a little charred taste because it is pan-roasted, white tea gives a very distinctive organic flavor that is hard to describe. Darjeeling has a lovely, delicate flavor that is great brewed alone--nice for a change. Tea with rose petals is another very delicate tea that is nice at times. Oolong and others, while I don't like them straight, are other types that add their unique qualities. When I want flavored tea for a change, I mix Earl Grey, cardamon flavored, and lichee flavored teas in various ways. I find these particular three flavored teas to be especially wonderful for making iced tea. The last tea I drink regularly is instant ginseng tea--I use this not so much for enjoyment, but for health reasons. It's long been know by Asians to help people of middle age and older to maintain vitality and libido. A Chinese cashier in an Asian market, who could only speak very broken English, felt compelled to highly praise the brand of ginseng tea I was buying. I asked, "How do you mean?--good how?--the flavor?" She just smiled and shook her head, "No".

    I've never drunk much alcohol, but lately it's been the best thing for helping me get a good night's sleep. A beer, a small glass of wine, or half that of port or sherry works pretty good for me in that way--better than any of the pills sold for insomnia. I won't drink anything stronger--I've always been acutely aware that alcohol is an organic solvent that really doesn't belong in our bodies--never in large amounts or with frequency. All kinds of alcohols are poisonous, even ethanol--the others kill quickly, but ethanol merely prolongs the process. Every family has been touched by the tragedy of alcoholism--it's an ugly thing to watch someone self-destruct in that way, and it usually stirs up a wake of side-tragedies while it's going on.

    "More dangers have deceived men than forced them"--Francis Bacon
  • I like mixing decaf coffee with almond milk and ice. But not as a night time drink.
    I was at Global Foods and I saw a night time tea that had catnip in it. What would that do to a person?
  • Ronna

    I would stay away from these strong aphrodisiacs.

    It is also useful for settling an upset stomach. It has also been used to treat headaches, scarlet fever, coughing, insomnia & smallpox.

    Catnip can also be used for cuts, studies show it has a natural healing quality. Crush fresh catnip leaves, damp them & apply to your cut. **

    Some other medicinal uses for catnip are: Anaesthetic, antibiotic, anti rheumatic, antispasmodic, astringent, carminative, diuretic, muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, chills, cold in the joints, haemorrhoids, toothache.

    K'Eogh, in his Irish Herbal (1735) wrote of catnip, "It provokes urination and menstruation: it expels the stillborn child; it opens obstructions of the lungs and the womb, and is good for internal bruises and shortness of breath. Drunk with salt and honey, it expels worms from the body." ***

    Pregnant women should avoid catnip.

    According to The Herb Garden, "The root when chewed is said to make the most gentle person fierce and quarrelsome". In fact, there is a story about an executioner who would have to chew on the root of catnip so he could bring himself to do kill.

  • If you mixed catnip root and ginseng tea what would that do to a person?
  • Ronna said:

    If you mixed catnip root and ginseng tea what would that do to a person?

  • I never met a margarita I did not like :-*
  • The only Margaritas I like have two legs and a nice smile.
  • LOL, well I don't lean that way so will stick to the lemon lime kind. :-$
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