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Perylene maroon (PR179) + Phthalo green BS (PG7) to make black?

The site describes Perylene Maroon and mentions:

"Its mixing complements include phthalo green BS (PG7), which produces a pure jet black darker than most carbon pigment paints"

Has anyone here tried this and seen if the black it produces is darker than those made by mixing Ultramarine with Burnt umber, and how it compares in darkness to Mars Black, Ivory Black, etc..?


  • Ok, I'll have to try it sometime and see how it compares then :)
  • HI David, yes they are both transparent. But maybe with multiple layers they would work well. I think Ultramarine is classed as transparent or semi-transparent?
  • Play around with some ivory black, and you'll see a transparent black.

    A question arises in my mind . . . why mix exotic colors to make a dark value when it exists in one tube . . . ivory black, mars black, etc. 

    One of the problems with mixed blacks is that when raising their value, most often they tend to skew toward one or the other colors used to mix your target black which, to my mind, calls into question  the reason for trying to make a black in the first place.
  • I do use mars black, but I'm wary of carbon blacks because I've read they can have a different shine to other pigments due to the carbon nature of the pigment (which I can sometimes see in very black areas of colour print outs when pure black is used instead of the CYM colours).

    That's why I wondered if a mixed black with these two pigments would be darker than mars black :)
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