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Richard's Blog



  • @Richard_P, RE: Sherriff hat and star.... been there, done that. Hollywood (Florida) Police Department 1967.
  • hahaha     I always have a mirror and am always prepared to look at myself for hours in costume at any given moment without complaining (except my neck gets sore) :).  I should finish some of the 20 or so paintings that are 80% complete and I just can't seem to finish them off in a sufficient enough manner.  It is getting ridiculous the amount of WIPs propped backwards against my walls.  And then, once I start, I paint for hours on end.  I'm glad you were able to get more done last night - I am signing up for a daily challenge (5 days commitment only) so we'll see if that kicks me into gear.  I have to say, I do miss your WIPs!
  • Thank you both! I'm finding large paintings more daunting as it takes more time to cover the surface. I'm wondering whether to do some smaller paintings next..

    BTW: I didn't know they had a Hollywood in Florida :)
  • edited January 16
    I think your Vincent painting is great.  It has all the charm of the original without being a slavish copy.  Did anyone see Loving Vincent?  Great movie.
    You have a lot going on.  I look forward to seeing your landscapes.
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