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Skin tones with limited palette?

How do you paint skin tones with the limited palette? Do you add additional colors? DO you have a video or page describing mixing.



  • Skin tones are easy to get with the limited palette since skin tones are never "extreme" colors. You get them the same way you get any other colors, there's nothing special about them. This painting was done with the limited palette:

    Although if you're new, this is a better video to start with:
    [Deleted User]
  • edited April 2016
    My basic flesh palette is very much like the pallette here at DMP.  I use cremnitz/lead white, ivory black, yellow ocher, Rembrandt permanent madder deep (in place of alizarin), and Old Holland burnt umber.  I can hit all ethnicities and flesh tones with this palette.
  • Kingston . . . The similarity may be "loose," but my palette, like DMP, uses a red, a yellow a blue (ivory black is an extremely dark blue). burnt umber and white.  Some think it's a stretch to call black blue, but lay it out in a string lightening each step with white, and you will see blue, dull though it may be.  However, we all know that back in the day, blue was an expensive paint, and many artists used black instead.  I have since added cad orange and raw umber (both in strings) to my flesh palette.  I paint a lot of portraits, and this flesh palette has served me well for the last 15 years.
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