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DMP colour wheel

     Hello fellow artists ,I was wondering if the DMP colour wheel will work for miming acrylic paint ?
Bubba T.


  • I meant to type "mixing" , not miming . Lol
  • Bubba

    The pigments should behave in the same way regardless if they are in oil or an acrylic dispersion medium.
    However some brands of both kinds of paint create colour by combining hues rather than using the more expensive pure pigments. Outcomes can be a tad unpredictable - muddy, too grey or just the wrong temperature.

    For the most part though color wheels, Mark's or any other should work OK..


  • I don't see why not. Unless you are using open or interactive acrylics it will dry very fast. The other issue with acrylics is the colour shift you get once it dries. Maybe you are already aware of this but I thought I would mention it.
  • I can confirm the colour wheel works perfectly well with using the same pigments in acrylic paints as in Mark's guide (Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, etc..)
  • Hello everyone , I'm just now trying to get into my artwork with DMP. I was in a bad car wreck last August , and could not do much of anything. Any way , last year I built the upright easel , photo board , colour checker , brush stand , and palette table . My guestions are about the glass palette . Can the glass be thicker than 1/8" ? And is there any special prep I should do to the glass to insure that the paint adheres well to the back of the glass .
  • PaulBPaulB mod
    Hi @1mORETYNES.  Sorry to hear about your setback, and hope you are well.

    I have two glass palettes, both different.  One is a $14 glass cutting board, which is textured on top and flat on the bottom.  The texture on top makes it slightly harder to wipe clean, and adds a stipple effect to the color of the underside, which is not desirable.  The thickness is just over 1/8".  I no longer use this palette.

    My second glass palette is a 14" x 5" tempered glass shelf for a bathroom cabinet.  This was $12, and is smooth on the top and the bottom, but has a dark green tint to it, and so affects the color of the bottom.  Mark's video show him correcting for this.

    The smooth bottom did not cause any problems for the underpainting.  I did add some rubber feet to the palette to lift it off the table and stop it moving.  This means the painted underside isn't worn at all, so even if it didn't adhere properly, I don't think it would matter.
  • Use tempered glass if you can pay the extra but make sure you ask for clear. Cheaper types of tempered glass may have a little tint to them. Clear glass will have a little green tint that you only see on the edges. Thicker tempered glass is more expensive and much heavier too but will work as a palette. I purchased my most recent 2 palettes 14X28X1/8" from online for about $17 for both but shipping was more than that but still cheaper than having them made custom locally.If you intend to use the DMP limited palette I recommend the Winsor&Newton Artists Acrylics in Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Cad Yellow Light, Burnt Umber and titanium white. You will have to mix and apply quickly. Good Luck.
  •  I have a sealable plastic paint box that I put a glass cutting board in.  I put a mid tone grey paper under it.  My husband removed the rubber feet on it and I turned it over to put paint on the smooth side.  I have two of them and they work great.  Hope you have recovered without to many issues.  I also use small snap cap plastic containers to put my left over paint in.  Happy painting.
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