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Using linear polarization filters and film to reduce glare

I don't know much about photography, but I bought myself a sheet of educator grade linear polarization film and a linear (not circular) polarization filter for my camera, did a setup like the guy in this video (with fewer lights), and the result was a huge reduction in glare.  The film and filters require longer exposure times, but what a relief to try something that works. 


  • Martin

    yes, very effective at reducing glare and changing color. Have a look here 

    dramatic darkening of blue sky always apparent through my Polaroid sunglasses.

  • @denis I was concerned about the possibility of a color change but it turned out not to be an issue for me on this painting. 
  • A friend of mine has a polarizing set up. He uses strob lighting. Color and value swatches. His results are perfect. Everything is measured correctly. He has the luxury of having this as a permanent set up. 
    I would worry more about sharpness. Color can always be corrected. 
  • edited March 2016
    @Kingston no issue there either.  If you double click on the still version of my last painting so that it expands to 100% you can see down the canvas weave and the raised parts of some brush strokes.  Before this I was doing something like you described - taking the photo at an angle and then using the free distort tool in photoshop to bring the painting back to square, which worked, but I much prefer this.
  • @Martin_J_Crane Whenever I use a polarizing filter I don't worry about the color or the sharpness but the loss of light. You usually lose a stop to a stop and a half. It's kind of amazing what polarizing filters do. I have also used the trick of photographing at an angle and fixing the distortion in photoshop. I use anything that works really. Thanks for posting that.
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