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**New Van Gogh Movie - Done entirely in Oil Paintings**

Thought you all may enjoy this. This movie on Van Gogh is done entirely in oil paints animated by over 100 artists. something like 57,000 paintings were needed to complete the project. Every painting done in the style of Van Gogh. Pretty incredible visuals.

Movie Trailer:

Short News Piece on the Movie:


  • SummerSummer -
    edited March 2016
    What I like about the impressionist painter van Gogh is that his style and new way of painting broke away from the establishment without limiting his productivity.  I believe that in fact it set him free to paint everything and anything in a unique language that has been embraced by people in the art world for centuries now.  Much like abstract painters Cézanne and Gauguin, but I don't think these two men did it quit as well.  Caravaggio didn't invent a language in this way but introduced the use of people from real life as models in his paintings.  But still, all contributed a new way of portraying life in art nonetheless.  I think that is what some of us here are looking for.  And we love it when we witness others who have done it.  Look forward to seeing the movie.  Just saying....
  • SummerSummer -
    edited March 2016
    Summer - I don't understand what you mean, Summer, about Caravaggio introducing people from real life as models. What does this mean? Didn't all artists use real people for models prior to Caravaggio?
    Caravaggio used prostitutes as models for the virgin Mary, saints, etc. and didn't hide that fact.  Before, religious paintings were anonymous, so to speak.  His models were sensually beautiful when he did this--adding sex to religious paintings in a roundabout way through the culture.  In Rome, the church people were really offended.  They were accustomed to faces looking saintly, angelic, and non-sensual.  As I remember it from my art history, you could learn to paint a nose and use that same nose in many other paintings or statuary.  The same adoring up-cast eyes could be used over and over again in different paintings and statuary without using a model because the artist had memorized how to draw/paint the features.  But Caravaggio painted portraits of individual people so that if you were looking up at the virgin Mary and praying, you could say:  Hey, I think I know that woman!  (Hope this doesn't offend anyone!)   ;)   Summer    
  • SummerSummer -
    edited March 2016
    @davidwwilson ; Having trouble remembering what I said yesterday, I only meant to imply that Caravaggio opened the flood gates for what would be tolerated in religious paintings.  His paintings broke with tradition thereby allowing into religious high art, the common and sometimes vulgar realities of life.  This influenced painters for generations.  I'm trying to emphasize how some artists change how we think about art by doing something different and future generation pick up on that.  Caravaggio is synonymous with Italy, Rome, Milan, and religious paintings, so I'm not suggesting that he influenced the whole art world and every type of art since his time.  Just saying....   :)                  
  • SummerSummer -
    edited March 2016
    So, you are saying that no one painted images in their art that looked like the model? I find this hard to believe! I will watch for this in my Googlizing of old art. I had heard of this with Caravaggio, but I didn't know it was so 'exclusive' of a method.
    I agree that "people from real life" is ambiguous.  Real life, in the sense of life on the streets.  He introduced people from the street and also painted them suggestively which added yet another element, good with evil, according to the people of the day.  You'll have to look at religious art in Italy before Caravaggio to actually see the difference and truly get my meaning.  The that artists sometimes change the status quo and that sets a new trend for subsequent artists and Caravaggio certainly did that on the two levels that I've observed.  :)
  • Summer...Very interesting comments and perspective. Thank you.
  • Caravaggio painted the dirt that others left out.
  • Caravaggio painted the dirt that others left out.

    Yes.  In more ways than one.  I've been avoiding getting graphic but even down to the fingernails and toenails.  He certainly had nerve.  But more, I think that he just didn't know any better--IMHO.  LOL  :) 
  • Speaking about dirt, and also a little know fact, the reason stained glass windows made in our time don't look as beautiful as those made from the first century AD is because of the absence of dirt.  Just saying....  :)
  • The Van Gough movie was cool.
     As for Caravaggio, one must take into context many things that were in those times. Plagues, wars,...  and so much more. One should notice,  what he didnt paint. See what Francois Dubois painted for example. 
  • Summer said:
    Speaking about dirt, and also a little know fact, the reason stained glass windows made in our time don't look as beautiful as those made from the first century AD is because of the absence of dirt.  Just saying....  :)

    What`s about dirt? Nowadays they look even cooler, just take a look here =>
    We make pop art and surrealism inspired works and colors in glass are astounding. The biggest issue with stained glass is maintaining and fading. You need to replace pieces and sometimes it`s hard to find the sinilarcolor especially when you need to renovate an old glass. Real pain!

  • SummerSummer -
    edited June 2017
    @Grenn ; First let me say welcome.  Beautiful stained glass on the site you recommended.  If you decide to experiment with your techniques and add soil I'd love to see the results and hope that you will post them here.  Or, maybe you have tried adding soil already when replacing/renovating old glass.  I only know of this from art history classes, one workshop, visiting churches, museums, galleries, and art fairs.  I don't have hands-on experimentation or production the way that you probably have.  Summer
  • I cannot believe I have missed this.  I cannot wait to see the movie.  The trailer is exceptional.  There are recent updates on YouTube.
  • Van Gogh in a movie? I thought he died years ago.
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