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Bora Bora...anyone been there?

Hey, thought this would be a good place to ask this since there are people from all over the globe here and some wordly travelers in the US. My daughter had a horrific year in 2011 and she wants to take a trip somewhere in July to get away with her best friend. They are thinking of going to Bora Bora but want suggestions on where to stay and what to do. Anyone been there?


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    Usually my advice would be "plan less, stay longer, and things will just happen", but Bora Bora sounds like an island-sized tourist trap, so maybe not great advice in this case.

    Here's some info, including the "what to do" and "where to stay" stuff:
  • She is still in the planning stage so nothing set in stone.....will keep checking it out before she does! July 3 - 12 will be really hard for her, one year since the accident on the 3rd, her husband's birthday was July 9, he died on July 11 and their 10 year anniversary would have been July 12th. She needs to be somewhere she can keep her mind off of way too many sad memories. :(
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    Hey Liz! I've not been to Bora Bora but have been to some of the other islands in that part of the Pacific. My trips were work related with little shore time but the people who live on the various islands were terrific. A few friends have spent vacation time on some of the islands (can't remember if Bora Bora was one or not, to long ago). Their advice for first time visitors to any of the islands was to stay in one of those 'all inclusive' resorts. Bora Bora apparently has several. They are considered safe to stay at and offer/recommend excursions to fun and safe tourist excursions. If you make a repeat trip, perhaps another lodging option would be appropriate based on your experience from the first trip. Nancy and I have stayed at all inclusive resorts (latest was in Jamaica) and we enjoy them. They obviously cater to the tourist so its not like your 'living native'....but as long as they have beach chairs and cold drinks that have little umbrellas in them we do just fine! :)
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  • Hi of our dental assistant went to Bora Bora a few years ago....her photos of the trip were fabulous...those crystal clear turquoise waters, so beautiful!

    They stayed in grass, thatched roof individual "huts".... right by the water....but said although was a long way from the main town...and they had to taxi in....

    The people were wonderful and very friendly....she loved it so much, she wanted to go back...I've since lost contact with can't get the particulars...but I remember it was so would be a place I'd like to visit....
  • Thanks Gary and Savannah, we took Jenn and Dillon to Jamaica about 3 years ago and did the same thing. If we left the resort we had to take a cab they called and return in the same cab! You had to arrange with the driver to pick you up at a set time. Felt perfectly safe at the resort though. Savannah, I think the grass huts right on the water is what got her wanting to go there. They mostly want to just take it easy so maybe just one drive into town would work.
  • Man, I really want to hang out in Jamaica at some point.
  • It is a really fun vacation to take David but DON'T eat jerk chicken from the street vendors....I really don't think it was chicken! :-O
  • Are you kidding? I'd go straight from the airport to the street food! That's my favourite part of travelling… and I'm no stranger to mystery meat. =P~ Eat first, ask later!
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    When I was very young and dumb enough to eat anything, I once looked at the ingredients of a burrito I bought off a roach coach--it included horse lips and hog snouts--real nice. After wising up and learning about many revolting practices of food producers, I'm now very particular and very careful.
  • A friend of mine has been almost everywhere ... maybe she miss China.... said it is a wonderful place but expensive!
  • My son was there and said it was pricey and a tourist trap type for the large part. He left after a day and went to Thailand. I am sure you could have a good time. I think he is a little like Davis and wants to blend with the culture so to speak.
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