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Any Thoughts or First Impressions on New Pentax K-1?

Im wondering anyone has any thoughts about the new Pentax K-1 full-frame DSLR. Thanks.
 Heres a link about it with specifications:


  • Some

    WOW that is SOME camera. I read the whole review. Couldn't stop.
    Excellent specs. I have owned a couple of Asahi Pentax cameras back in the old SLR days. Quality, reliable, well built cameras that always took good shots.

    Now you need a couple of terabytes on a disc drive to hold all those 36mp raw frames.


  • @Kingston , why are the Pentax lenses more expensive? I read in the review that this camera is $100 less than the nikon d610, the low-end full-frame from them. And less expensive than the full-frames from canon or sony as well, I think. I have been watching for a reasonably priced full-frame to buy for landscape photography,..that is, if I can sell my nikon 5300. This Pentax seems to be a candidate...maybe, not sure. If the lenses are more $, than that makes a diff. Thanks for the comment.
  • @Kingston thanks, never heard of Rosemary brushes. just checked their web site. I do need a couple of flats and a couple of rounds 
  • @some Thanks for pointing this out. I keep up with video camera news but not still photography these days, but this is interesting. I'm going to look into it more this afternoon.

    What do you see yourself doing with the photos you take with a camera like this?
  • @David_Quinn_Carder , i plan to take landscape photos, sell some i hope and paint landscapes from some photos when I'm not chopping and splitting wood, cleaning the chimneys, painting the house, plowing snow, cutting grass, plumbing, building a shed, fixing the backhoe, washing dishes, changing oil, ............ :)  
  • @David_Quinn_Carder , FWIW, i just ordered a new phone that shoots in RAW for when I'm out and about. An LG V10. Im excited to see how that works out. I can print them on my new Epson P400 printer. I finally have a printer that prints pictures without looking like prints of views through green or rose colored glasses if you know what I mean.
  • Kingston said:
    There are a lot of great cameras out there. A landscape painter friend of mine uses a Canon g1x. It's 13 mp but fast and sharp. Very compact. About $700 or less. Full frame is great if you have lenses already. Otherwise not such a big deal. I have a smallish Nikon D90 for riding around in the truck. My iPhone which does most of the work lately. I use a full frame Canon for work around the studio because I hav an investment in lenses from early EOS days. 
    Save some money on cameras and buy some nic Rapheal linen or Rosemary brushes. 
    @ Kingston Now, Im trying to figure out which Rosemary brush to try. I need a couple flats and rounds now. Maybe you can help me. I like the Blick masterstroke Sable but is doesnt seem to have have enough body to it, WN hog is ok, maybe a longer bristle would feel better, and the WN Synthetic Monarch is ok, but they dont hold their shape well like the bristle and sable. I try to be nice to my brushes, sometimes I think I'm too strong to the canvas. I would apreciate the input. thanks
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