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North African man portrait

edited December 2015 in Post Your Paintings
So I just started this portrait today using oils and marks method. I'm pleased with it however I feel like I'm painting to tightly. I've always admired the work of Sargent and Repin mainly because of their brushwork. Maybe I should make the clothing looser so the viewers attention is drawn to the eyes. Any advice would be much appreciated. 
Summer[Deleted User]


  • alifarley

    I would not be concerned about loose brushwork on the clothing. The natural focus for the viewer looking at a face is the eyes. Additionally the garments in this example are a dull light grey as is the background. Nothing to distract the attention.

    That being said it is a popular technique to control the viewer's eye movement across the painting. Though, for me, the unusual garb is a secondary point of interest where I want to see light and dark, texture, detail and fold structure.


  • @alifarley, Paint exactly what is there for the first few paintings.Marks method is to see value and colour. You have plenty of time ahead to develop your own style. Looks good  =)
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