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What is Art for? Some thoughts for Christmas.

dencaldencal -
edited December 2015 in General Discussion

A fine set of words that could set you up for the holiday season. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Art serves many functions, but in the last decades, undue emphasis was placed on its most superficial aspects. Art has lately been seen as the ultimate consumer luxury good, a status symbol and an investment commodity.

However, art has a deeper purpose. Art is one of the oldest forms of human expression and communication. It speaks to the indomitability of the human spirit, the sacred and ineffable amidst the mundane. Art teaches us what it means to be human, leads to the light even when it exposes the darkest side of our nature. Some art celebrates beauty, other art chides us for our failings in the hope that we may be better and stronger yet than we can imagine. All great art, in all its many guises, is an affirmation of life.

Summer[Deleted User]marieb


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