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Best Chair?

I am looking for chair recommendations for this tall person sit in while I paint. I am 6'6" (dos metros) and 255 lbs (116 kilos) with a bad back every now and again. I live in the US. thanks so much.


  • SummerSummer -
    edited December 2015

    @some ; Amazon sells Big & Tall chairs that look to me to be good task chairs for painting. I'm thinking of the Hercules Series 400 lb. capacity swivel office chair, the one in black mesh without arms and under $200.  (My father and brothers are your size.)  Summer :)

  • My hubby is a big guy, 6'8". He loves his office chair made for big guys at Staples. He's in it 10 hours a day, so it must be good. 
  • ... I'm starting to feel very small now.
  • I knew someone would pick up on that.  LOL  :)
  • O well, felt a little twinge after painting two days ago....been on the couch and bed since.if anyones like me, this will be my future seat:
    Thanks for caring and sharing. Have a blessed Christmas
  • SummerSummer -
    edited December 2015
    Nice chair you have there.  I have back issues when sitting in one position for too long as well.  So when I'm on a painting streak, I have to paint 3-4 times a day.  In the morning for a few hours; a few more hours in the afternoon; several more after dinner; and finally several before midnight.  That's eight.  I also wear a timer around my neck otherwise I'd just get glued to the chair and God only know what would happen after that--lol.  Summer   
  • dencaldencal -
    edited December 2015

    With the caution that there is any amount of snake oil available on the subject of lower back pain and that there are different conditions involved, let me show you a simple self help remedy that works for me.

    The majority of cases arise from a compressed disc, and the bone contacts the spinal cord and or sciatic nerve causing pain in the buttocks and leg too. So to signal the disc to expand and rehydrate all that is required is two, ten minute sessions a week for a couple of weeks, lying on the floor with a rolled up towel under the lower back.

    This treatment is as recommended to the royal family by their chiropractor/physiotherapist. In the attached graphic, the Middle support is all that is required.

    In my case I can feel improvement next day and usually forget about subsequent sessions. Far more effective than anti imflammatory medications.

    This is what works for me and is not advice or a recommendation, you should seek that from your medical specialist.
  • @dencal you are a fine fellow. The most helpful of all these folks on the forum, by far. I have just one question after lying on the floor the way you do I get up?
  • Some

    Headphones and some chill out flamenco guitar music means you only have to get up to eat.
    I'm working on a good bottle of wine and a long straw.


  • Ouch, our backs are under so much stress today! I have to wear a brace so I sympathize.
  • @Dencal I agree with some, you are very helpful...@some, there is NO dignified way to get up off the floor, unless you are young, but if you drink the wine you won't care how you appear !!
  • in office chairs, there are three sizes - A, B, and C. If you choose the wrong size you will hate it, if you choose the right size you will love it.
  • edited February 2018
    Thank you @movealonghome, just what I've been looking for. I just fired my chiro of 8 years, even though he did help me tremendously for the most part, he injured me, dangerous, not serious but could have been. X-Rays of ribs and pelvis were necessary. The legal contract stipulates that "I" am responsible for my own well being and injuries incurred while under his care, no matter what happens in the course of therapy. I no longer trust my relationship with the therapy, all is well.
  • My dad told me once about fifty years ago, "once you start treatment with a chiropractor, you'll have to go for life."   Most of the stories I've heard about them bear him out. I don't use them and trust what doctors tell me. 
  • edited February 2018
    I firmly come to believe that learning, disciplined awareness and practice/mastering of good of posture in daily life, exercise and if needed, a physiotherapist will be fine. I really enjoy walking 40k a week, but not in winter snow and ice for 5 months.
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