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14x18 oil on canvas, 2nd with DMP method

Done? One thing I noticed is that I used acrylic paint to tone the canvas (didn't have enough oil paint), and it seemed that the Geneva paints did not "settle" into the deep parts of the canvas...I keep getting little pocket without paint in it.    I got great coverage with oil paint toning.  Is this a real thing or have I smelled too much paint lately?  :)
Also, since I am trying to improve I would welcome any criticism.  thanks.

[Deleted User]AlbertosomeFlattymikpL.Duransgtpedro


  • Good work KLB. I like it  =) .
    Lack of patience ? yes I know what you are talking about...
     I can't help with advises I'm  still learning myself and I never made landscapes bur if you want more critics about your work, you can  post the photo to compare. In this forum, there are experienced artists who can help to improve yourself.  
    Are you satisfied  with Geneva paint  ?
  • KLB

    Kingston is referring to the handling of edges in the painting. You have faded the color to show depth and recession in the landscape, this is atmospheric perspective, softening some edges will create even greater depth. Keep your focus area sharply edged and judiciously soften as you move to the background. Clouds usually have soft edges too.

    Here are some useful guidelines;

  • Thanks guys.  That is why I like posting here, you all put into words what my brain is trying to figure out in terms of what is wrong with the picture.
    Kingston, I was hoping that as the paint dried, some of that cut and paste would look better, but the edges thing is interesting. 

    Thanks for the link Denis.  I am soaking this stuff up. 

    Alberto, I am VERY satisfied with the Geneva paints.  Since I only have very little experience, about 3 paintings with WN paints and 2 with Geneva I don't know how qualified I am to say.   They go on nicely and blend well.  I struggled with it being a tad soupy at times, but I am chalking that up to my inexperience rather than the paint 
  • @klb ... nice job. maybe try working from a landscape photo with a more shallow depth of field (blurred backround). This will help with what Denis talked about. Looks like you have a good hand. You will do great stuff. Keep it up.
  • thanks @some , figures as a newby I would choose the largest scale, longest depth of field to start with.  as much as I like landscapes I think perhaps a few more still life paintings would be good. 
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