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How do I embed a video graphic link into the Draw Mix Paint forum?

Not just the link, but the graphic with the white arrow in the middle.  Do I adjust the html code first?  Thanks.


  • Summer

    I paste the URL into the text and the graphic with the go triangle appears.
    No changes or adjustment required on Win 8.1/Chrome or Apple IOS 8.


  • Thanks Denis,  I'll give it a try the next time I need to do so.  Summer
  • edited December 2015
    This is just a test, I usually paste the URL like @dencal  mentioned but if I do it from my iPad I make sure to switch the "m" in the address for the usual "www". I thought it made a difference but apparently it doesn't matter at least not to my computer.

    These link to the same video but the first is meant for mobile. Does anyone have any issues viewing either?

  • @Castillo ;  Yes!  That is what I am after.  I have Windows 7 Professional and all I seem to be able to do is show the link--without the graphic.  So what I'm understanding is that if it is a direct link that I'm copying, I just need to copy and paste it into the text box to get the graphic with the white arrow.  Thanks.  Maybe I should upgrade to Windows 10--egads!  Summer 
  • This is just a test.  I am copying and pasting a direct link from YouTube to see what I get.  A link or a graphic link.

  • It worked!  Yeah!  Thanks everyone.  This had been bothering me for months.  You are the greatest!  Summer 
  • Thanks Summer. I was wondering about this as well. And thanks for the video... Nice break from work...
  • SummerSummer -
    edited December 2015
    I just wanted to add: What about "indirect" links?  I haven't tried posting an indirect link to DMP, but, I just learned today one way to convert an indirect link to a direct link.  If you are watching a YouTube video indirectly with a very long address, just click on the icon at the lower right hand corner that reads "YouTube" and you will be taken to YouTube directly and then you can copy and Paste that short URL into the text box on Draw Mix Paint forum.  Anyone want to add to this?  Thanks.  Summer
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