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Geneva Paint exports

Just wondering  - is there anything in the Geneva paint that would cause concern for customs or airline safety (chemicals etc) if I want my son to buy it in the USA and then ship over to me in NZ? Are the shipping costs the reason why you don't export the paint?


  • That's one for David to answer, but I can't see any concern, it's pigment and 
    Linseed oil in substantial jars.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] admin
    edited November 2015
    There is a difference between "is there any real concern" and "will you have trouble with customs". The former is logical/rational, the latter is bureaucratic. We have had many people ship to a US address and then forward the parcel overseas, and so far no one has reported any issues, but we can't guarantee anything beyond the US address.

    Shipping costs are only partially why we don't export the paint. When we start selling in Europe, for example, we're going to be shipping to the customer from within Europe. This way the customer does not have to wait so long for their product to arrive nor do they have to pay exorbitant shipping fees — instead, we cover the cost of moving the product transatlantic and do that part ahead of time.

    We are aiming to be shipping to Canada within a month and Europe as soon as possible after that, hopefully in time for Christmas. We're pushing really hard right now to meet these deadlines. After Christmas we will start looking into how to deal with Australia/NZ. Unfortunately that's a little trickier but we'll figure something out, and I think we'll have some news on this at the end of the year.

    Until then, you're free to try forwarding the parcel from your son's address in the US to your New Zealand address, but we can't guarantee delivery, so I recommend waiting until we are officially selling down under.
    dencalSummermarieb[Deleted User]
  • OK thanks David - please keep working on it as I desperately want that paint! I want to start working on 10 paintings for an exhibition and I want to use to best paint in the world!!!
  • Made a typo in my previous post, which I fixed… meant to say we'll be shipping to Europe as soon as possible after Canada, hopefully in time for Christmas shopping.
  • As soon as it's available in Canada, I will be placing an order.  
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