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Color temperature of greater importance than color?

After spending lots of time reading Richard schmid's alla prima (which has become my favorite painting book. ) and after watching one of his painting videos. I realised how much emphasis he lays on color temperature (warmth or coolness) and how it's the wrong color temperature which causes color on the canvas to look muddy or chalky. It was quite a startling discovery for me.. When he went on to say that as long as the temperature (and value) of the color being applied on the canvas is correct.. The color doesn't really matter. (Now, I'm referring to the style of painting that is interpretive. Not photorealism).
The past two months (since I joined the forum) has been a startling awakening.. (One could say) for me. There is so much to be learnt.
Any thoughts on the subject?
Warm regards,
P.s: alla prima is fantastic and well worth the money if you are a serious reader. I would recommend it to anyone.


  • @Kingston true,I also noticed he placed his still life very close to his canvas. So the two might receive the same light. What actually interested me in the warm and cool light not in relation to his own work and source, but to how the warm or cool daylight affected the color on his canvas
    Again why colors appear muddy out chalky in the shadows etc.. Could be noticed and fixed, by actually fixing the temperature of the color. So, I am not really talking about color checking(in reference to set up being under warm light, and the studio isolated from daylight) but an interpretive style of painting, which is what Richard does. Just found it interesting.
    Warm regards,
  • I think the other big think schmid also talks about is his edge work. Letting some edges get lost while others are masterly executed with a palette knife. 
  • Schmid has Lots of lost and found edges! 
  • Yeah temperature and value are 2 really key elements in a painting. Colour temperature can be changed by using opposites. Mark Carder has a colour wheel demonstrating this on Draw Mix Paint. I have it printed out and it's in front of me every time I paint, I would suggest you print it out it really is invaluable to me and so pared back and simple. 
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