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Maybe it's time to introduce Myself!

My name is Maria and as you know I'm Italian ... perhaps the only one in this forum.
Oil painting fascinates me since I was 13 years old ... but I'll spare you the publication of my first masterpices!
My life, like many others was a swing... I'm lucky I have a job in the hospital as a lab technician, I studied for this and perhaps in today's world is a privilege to do what you chose ...
I live in a country house with my three "children" ... two dogs that come respectively from a kennel and from the street, with them lives with a beautiful kitten, he too is the result of human incivility "adopted" by an association of volunteers when my big cat left me a month ago.
I would like to paint a lot more but we have a family shop that has moved recently ... and the Italian bureaucracy is slow as a snail ... but I think I have come to an end!
Since a year ago I decided to take back my "passion" I have looked for information everywhere, but I was very impressed by Mark's method and especially by his generosity in teaching all of us more or less professionals and especially to those who haven't the opportunity to attended an art school (like me)
I have always been fond of painting and at least from this point of view I was lucky because I got to study!
I live near Rome and I do not deny that seeing the Sistine Chapel was a great thrill... I love ancient painting!
Ok just bored ...but I want to thank you all again for your warm welcome!
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  • Maria, I am so fortunate to have met you. Your enthusiasm is infectious and your positive attitude, inherent skill and desire to learn will take you far. I am glad I am on this journey with you. If any of that does not translate well, please let me know. By the way, I love Latin. I never got too far learning it, but I prefer words that come from Latin so perhaps my translations will not be too difficult.
  • Thank you for the wonderful introduction Maria. Your 'children' are very lucky to have you. I'm very happy for you and us that you have some time to paint given your busy schedule with your lab work and family shop. Thanks for sharing! :)
  • Hi Maria...I too am Italian...although I was born in the states...both my parents were born in Italy and came to USA...married and had 9 chilldren...I'm the youngest!

    I'm glad you are following your passion and making time to paint....and you joined our many wonderful, helpful people can learn a lot, I know I have.
  • Oh, I will just have to post the pic of my accountant in my office with her proportional divider her husband made her. He thought bigger is always better and I sent Mark a pic of her holding it....he said it would only be good for painting the Sistine Chapel so if you do decide to paint it we can send it to you to use!
  • I blame her immediate Supervisor/Boss for lack of supervision during the construction process! We husbands follow to the letter, without exception, the instructions we get from our wives. Since you have previously admitted to getting her involved in painting using Mark's method, you obviously assume responsibility for the outcome. Therefore, its time to eat crow and admit his mistake was really your mistake...or, as I assume you will do, begin painting the Sistine Chapel immediately! :D Be sure to post WIP's!
  • So glad to have you here Maria! :-)
  • @Sue I do not speak a word of Latin...better American! :D
    @Savannah I am the youngest "only child" ...I'm glad to have a "blood sister" ;)
    @Gary thanks! I'm the luckiest... :\">
    @Liz ... I have big hands ... and that's it! :((
    From how you kidding :-j , Gary and Liz, I note that it is not only a forum for "artists" but a beautiful community that is growing every day!

    Thanks @Mark for giving life to this forum! =D> =D> ^:)^ ^:)^
  • Hiya Maria, absolutely awesome that you decided to take back what you are passionate about. I bet your 3 'children' are around you when you are painting too.
  • Lol, I bet your hands are not big enough for these proportional dividers! Got to find that photo....
  • You haven't seen my hands Liz! =))
    Yust for the chronicle...I'm 70 inches hight!
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