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What is the Carder Method?

Hello everyone,

I have watched Carder's youtube video on painting a meta cup and while I thought he was too technical (the color finder was a turnoff at the time) I am now wondering if his ways of creating a painting are the ways that most masters do it.

I have been working on an oil painting (I'm new to oils and never have been a great drawer, please accept my apologies for the poor work), and while it IS,my best oil painting and I am pleased in that regard, the painting just doesn't look realistic and it doesn't seem to have good value structure to it. Your thoughts?

Is there some video, tool or book that will get me closer to where I want to be? Most of my books talk about painting principles and about tools, but they say little about actually doing things with oil paint.


  • Here is the painting I am working on, very frustrated.
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    Is there some video, tool or book that will get me closer to where I want to be?
    Yes. Press this button at the top of this page for the most helpful and comprehensive art instruction anywhere. All kindly provided, mostly free by Mark Carder.

    The color checker was invented by Mark to help beginners like me to discriminate values with some degree of certainty. Like Mark himself, once your eye is in you won't need it anymore. A bit like a set of training wheels.


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    MC's method is more for painting realism in a certain way. I don't know enough to talk about if it's unique. It is different from the way the old masters painted. As for your painting - the cars are bad. forget about the cars for now. I'm guessing you are doing the cars from your imagination. You just don't know your subject. I like the house and a couple of the trees. It really depends on what your goal is. What kind of painting do you want to do?
  • I am not really sure what kind of painting I want to do. I like a lot of styles, abstract being the least of them. I like the way Abbey Ryan paints, and I have seen hyper realistic stuff on here that blew me away. Impressionist stuff, with the way it conveys emotions, is appealing to me. Picasso and Warhol aren't my cup of tea. Andrew Wyeth and Richard Schmid blow me away. Wyeth's works would remind people of me, while Schmid's works tend to reflect me on the inside. Sounds like a load of garbage, I know, but it's all I know at the moment. The cars were part of the photo I used, it was very hard to see them. Maybe I should just scrape them and put grass or a garden there?
  • Well, your sky is expressionist kind of. I like it. I'm not a realist, but I do the lessons because it helps my technique I think. I would work on something you know really well. If you are a refrigerator repairman, draw a refrigerator, etc. I'm a believer in knowing your subject. I haven't heard MC talk about it, but they usually do standard still life stuff - fruit and pitchers, etc.
  • I like your painting, except for the cars. It isn't what I would call realism at all, but for all that there is something about it that is pleasing. Please keep painting, take workshops, do Mark's course and learn all you can. Make lots of mistakes. That is the best way to learn, and don't be discouraged.
  • I like the looseness and colour of your painting, very impressionistic. Marks method shows you how to see colour and value. When you are comfortable or competent with that method you can paint any way you choose to. Check out everything this Forum has to offer, read everything,watch the tutorials over and over again. You will learn lots...good luck, keep it up.
  • oilpainter1950 what would you call my painting style, impressionism?
  • I just can't seem to put it in a box for you. I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner, but we have had over 17 inches of rain in the last 48 hours and the phone lines have been down. Please don't loose your individuality while you are in the process of learning all kinds of techniques. Technique should improve your "style", not eliminate it.
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