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Maybe this is obsessive, but...

When I'm painting over several days on a subject from a photo, I set the photo as my desktop graphic on my computer so whenever I'm on my computer, it's always there to ponder the next move...


  • SummerSummer -
    edited October 2015
    Good idea. I do the same thing. (In Windows it's called Desktop Background.) :)
  • stevek and Summer

    I have to confess to having part finished portraits propped up behind my computer and
    source photos beside the screen. I search for answers to Mark's BIG question "What is Different".

    My screensaver is set to a slideshow of my photos and artworks.

  • I do something similar. I think that's where that final 5% of the work that makes it go from ordinary to really good lies - in those corrections. Also, I do things like look at it in a mirror. Anything to gain fresh perspective.
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