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Size of paid files

Hello, I'm new here and I've been thinking about buying one of the three courses (Realism), but since my internet connection is proven to be unreliable, I would like to know the size of the course before buying it.



  • "How to Paint Realism" does not have to be downloaded at all since you can watch it streaming on Vimeo (in either HD or SD). If you download the files from them, I'm not sure what the sizes are, but I can find out for you tomorrow.

    For the other two videos, here are the file sizes:

    Landscape in HD, 2 parts, approximately 1.2GB each (total approximately 2.4GB)
    Landscape in lower quality, 2 parts, approximately 315MB each (total approximately 630MB)

    Portrait in HD, 3 parts, approximately 1.2GB each (total approximately 3.5GB)
    Portrait in lower quality, 3 parts, approximately 260MB each (total approximately 780MB)
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