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A small item that worked for me

In preparing a new canvas with a burnt umber stain, I must have mixed the paint to thin or used a paint brush that is to stiff, as the paint showed a lot of streaks. To get rid of these streaks, I used a fan brush (which I have stopped using for painting) and it gave a nice smooth and even coverage. Hope this might help someone.

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  • I've been unhappy with the streaking also. Great idea. I will use it from now on. Thanks. I don't know why I didn't think of it because I've reallocated the fan brush for other projects as well. Great little tool--versatile.
  • The streaks might be due to how narrow the hair on the brush are. In this case they look quite narrow at the top. 1 and a half inch?
    I have tried brushing with a 2 inch and 1 and a half inch brush.. A two inch blender leaves no lines.. Stiffness actually didn't matter much surprisingly.. Maybe it was because my paint was thinner.
    But good idea nonetheless!!
  • Awesome! You can also paint two very thin coats instead of one thickish one. By the way, it would be better to use a linseed oil based burnt umber in your foundation as walnut oil does not form as strong of a paint film as linseed oil does. Not a huge deal at all, just thought I'd mention it for the future.
  • Thanks Mark for the idea of two coats and the additional information about the walnut oil. Learn something new everyday. Ralph
  • Thank you for posting this. I love seeing all the tips and tricks from artists. Really helpful :-)
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