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  • Denis: Thank you so much for your hints and tips and ideas. I often think how much you provide an endless source of knowledge, creativity and help in this forum... on many occasions I found great stuff and solutions thanks to your posts!
  • Esther

    Thanks. It was my pleasure to be of some help. Helps me learn too when I find answers or suggestions for improvement.

  • I think he's one of the best landscape artists. That rocky seascape is just… wow.
  • Denis
    Is this an Instructional book as well..or is it mostly about the paintings and tons of color Richard..I still hope to get my hands on alla prima.. Just too expensive for me.
  • H.M

    I agree. Not widely available either. No public library in my State has a copy.
    I'll have a browse for used copies on Amazon.

  • Denis
    The biggest problem is I the book (and everything Richard makes) has such huge collectible value..any book collector would love to have the first edition if possible I am sure.So it may not be restricted to Artists.As for amazon..they sell the second expanded version for around 102-103 $.Ebay sells at the same price.Of course this is in US.In india its even the book needs to be Imported.
    Also...Scribd has a copy of the book available for free to download.
  • I have Richard Schmidt's Alla Prima, Everything I know about Painting, and all I can say is, "I'm not worthy!"
  • What is his insrruction in the book like? I know the art is to die for.
  • Schmid's instruction book is good but reading an instruction book, especially on an act that has to be done physically, in a sense presumes one already knows at least the foundation of what to do.  His landscapes book contains just his paintings.  I've also watched his painting DVDs but Mark's method is so much clearer in terms of how to actually see and how to actually paint. It would be good to see Mark paint and walk us through a plein air landscape or a direct life portrait rather than a picture. 

  • Before seeing this post i did not know Richard Schmid art... That is the part which i love about art - every time meeting new artist this feeling "wow I never seen that, this style, different than others, how the hell did he do that?". I am considering buying this book but 100$.. ;) not yet so sure
  • That's the thing! The book is so expensive it's a shame. I don't think it's the painters desire to have the books priced so high, but it means that a lot of people won't be able to learn from this great teacher!
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