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From an semi-Old Timer

Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself to anyone who doesn't already know me from TCM. I joined the other CM Forum 4 years ago.
Always was interested in art and crafting from 1st grade. My parents would not let me go to school for art bc to them it was not considered "proper". So after pursuing the "respectable" profession of a legal secretary (LOL LOL) the manager of the art dept. where I worked started giving calligraphy classes at lunchtime for anyone interested. Needless to say, I took them. Loved it. When I quit my job (yes mothers did that not too long ago) to have my first kid, the art manager would send me lettering jobs to do at home. That endeavor blossomed into a home based calligraphy business, which then grew to include custom matting and framing. I also painted portraits of customer's homes. All the while I feverishly sought out any info I could get my hands on regarding art and painting. Bob Ross was my first instructor. I took the route of craft shows, selling many handcrafted wood things, then eventually paintings (Bob Ross ones of course). I enrolled in a correspondence school for art through the mail. (was advertised as a "Draw Me" you had to copy a cartoon figure so they could evaluate your drawing skills). At the time I also met a wonderful artist at one of the craft shows and ended up taking lessons from him. While this artist did teach me a lot, I was still a very confused person when it came to mixing color. It was not until I purchased and watched Mark's original dvd 4 years ago did I learn how to match colors to life and not make MUD in the process. I have only to date painted 3 paintings using Mark's method mainly bc I am the great procrastinator. Since my children are now all out of the house I have one bedroom that is dedicated to my art studio.
I closed my business in my home 6 years ago and vowed that I would only paint what I enjoyed painting and not what someone else wanted me to (unless of course it was an offer that was astronomical and too good to pass up - then I would suffer through it). One of these days I will get to the setup that presently sits in my shadow box with the drawing half complete. My home is going through major renovations and my studio has become the storage depot for everything until construction is complete. I still can manage to get in there and one of these days I will hide away for a couple of house. Until then, I am enjoying getting my art fix through this forum. With much appreciation to Mark and David for their knowledge and willingness to share it with all of us. Donna


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