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Cad Yellow Light versus Cad Yellow Pale??

I'm running low on my CYPale...but have lots of CYLight from before I started the carder method...anyone know if there is much of a color difference to matter??


  • GaryGary -
    edited January 2013
    Mark has remarked in a couple of places that its fine to use pale, light or lemon. So I'd go for it! :)

    Here is one of them:

    Pale, light, lemon. - all fine.

  • I've used light and pale, and I prefer pale, but I think it's just personal preference.
  • Thanks guys...nice to know my old paint is still usable...was getting ready to sell it on ebay...
  • Never thought about selling paint on ebay. I have changed paint so many times I have a box full. Thanks for the idea Savannh.
  • Your welcome gfish....I love the way Mark's method simplifies color mixing with just 5 color....and always amazed the beautiful colors that can be mixed...
  • Look on the tube and see what it has in it. What you want is pure pigment without the addition of what would generally be white (titanium). If it has titanium (white) in it I would consider buying a new tube of a yellow that is pure. Not that anybody will get hut or anything but your color will has the potential of being more chalky.
  • edited January 2013
    Thanks Garry...this is a wonderful idea...never even thought of checking the ingredients....just from looking at the two pale & light next to each other...light seems to have more of an orange tinge...and pale more of lemony I think it could effect the color mixing...

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