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My first painting with Carder method

Hello to everyone. It took me a while to post my works, but finally here I am :)

This is my first painting – a still life painted from live. For arranging the composition I used my orchids and other little shiny personal objects from my home that I like, and on my surprise the composition turned out with a simbolical meaning to me :)

Beginning with this technique was quite challenging as I had to think about instructions, but soon became very natural to me. It took me nearly 3 weeks of work, but it was an enjoiable and beautiful experience. I really like this method because it allows me to work slow in details and to know in every moment where I am going, that was not the case with other techniques that I tried in the past...

I'll try to post the other paintings soon.

Your comments are very welcome. Best wishes to all of you.

GERARD61dencalMartin_J_Cranebluenose[Deleted User]Maurice[Deleted User]SilkeAlberto


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