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So i'm planning on applying for a local grant to attend classes at a local art school....or to rent out studio space to paint an large interior still life I have in my head....but among other things I need a resume. I'm not a professional, my real job has nothing to do with art, I didn't go to art school, I haven't enterered any contest, I haven't shown at a gallery, and the only work I've ever sold was at a charity auction. I did some freelance cartooning, so there's that, but any advice in putting this thing together would ve greatly appreciated.


  • Martin

    Part of my career was a grants administrator handling $ms every year.
    The grant issuing agency will have application forms and guidelines to assist.
    More importantly they will provide detailed criteria a successful applicant must meet.
    There are always huge numbers of applications and funds to satisfy less than ten percent, that is why you need to sharpen your pencil.
    Speak to the grants administrator if you can and ask to see some examples of successful applications.

    Happy to look over your submission.

  • Martin, I see this differently. Someone with your talent needs to close your eyes and jump. I think with the quality of work you produce you are prolonging the inevitable. Put 10 paintings together and go for it. Your way past art school unless its atelier based drawing or The Students Art League. The last painting you submitted was high level stuff. There,2 cents worth.
  • Thanks @TwoPalette! My motivation re the school thing is to be around like-minded people. Right now I'm pretty isolated. If I were closer to NYC you could not get me away from the Art Students League. Schuler is the closest thing to an atelier program in my area. That being said, I am on the 10 painting plan - I'm just incredibly slow! I'm really really excited about the next painting though.
  • Martin,Your enthusiasm bleeds the passion of good painting on all who view your work. My only regret about choosing art as a career path was not starting sooner. We artist as a group tend to listen to every nay sayer and negative opinion and give them credence and it tends to cause a unnatural hesitantcy to our talent. I say go and take what is rightly yours.
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