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anyone know where to buy a color checker?

Hi, is there anywhere I can buy a color checker?I know mark had shown us how to make one but I have never use those tools before and am very handicapped.


  • Mark was working on a new version, not sure if he will be offering it along with geneva paint.

    [Deleted User]
  • @kingston , this one is Mark's new concept plus I don't have a printer yet.

    I was working on a couple of ideas for a color checker at some point but I abandoned the idea after my paint knife started serving the same purpose.
  • i made a batch of them with varied size parts for indoor and outdoor use. i used a pistol grip of 1/4 cherry and cut slots to epoxy credit cards cut and drilled to size. packed everything away for moving and no idea where they be at.
  • Oilpainter

    Photos please.

  • Oilpainter

    Looks great!

  • I think the old colour checker that was once available for purchase from the carder method website (no longer active) was perfect.

    Here's a pic of mine:

    It's a shame that these stopped being available, as I like the simple and compact design, and I'd want another if I ever lost mine.

    Anyone know why Mark moved from this design to his current one? I'm guessing maybe someone else owns the design patent (The colour checker has "PATENTED" inscribed on its underside), but surely a slight change in dimensions could avoid patent infringement.

    Anyone in the know? It just seems a shame for this elegant and compact design to be lost.
  • @lee, I too wish one could source colour checkers. I am not one who should ever touch a saw, with this in mind, I made mine out of foam board - I cut three pieces with scissors, glued them together with school glue and clamped them until the glue was dry. I added the eye screw with epoxy along with the plastic piece . Although it serves it's purpose, it is far from ideal. If you find where to purchase please let me know.
  • @oilpainter now that is one spiffy colour checker, mine is an Austin Marina, while yours is an E class ... Holy Moley
  • @Lee It's not a patent thing — there are reasons for the new design (which I believe has been updated and modified since Mark posted the concept images). We might offer a compact one as well (same design as the old one perhaps). We know everyone wants to buy ready-made color checkers and we want to offer them, along with better proportional dividers, as soon as possible.
  • Great to hear, David. I'm looking forward to the opening of Geneva fine art supplies :smile:
  • i am not a woodworker and i made one out of styrofoam....i followed mark's instructions to a "T".. I wrapped the styrofoam in black gorilla tape(looks like duct tape) it makes it sturdy works great.
  • i have the original and probably everything else Mark sold, but it's misplaced. i paint outside so i tried to make one to function accurately under the sun. still messing with it.
    one reason i resawed a carved handle to mess around making a new one was to eliminate shake. it was very difficult to sight down while my left hand shook even just a little. i was focused on great distance so the little shake would knock the focus out. with the pistol grip and my index finger extended the shake was reduced to something that functioned.
    my last idea was to use a tripod and a telescope design but without lenses.
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