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Wine and gorgonzola

I tried my hand on this small still life a while ago but I finished some touch ups yesterday and now, seeing the results, I would like to do more on still life. I hope you like it, I would appreciate any comments and advice!


  • Thanks Martenvisser and Kingston for your advices .I think I would have to come back with a better picture because the board is sitting on the table but that isn’t visible in the picture .
    I was aware to not make to much contrast in the glass’s edge but now I think the leg is still to distracting and not translucent enough .
    [Deleted User]
  • my god - the paper! :D that's an amazing painting.
  • Valentin, I agree with Kingston and Marten, aspects of the glass are unresolved from a "finished or resolved perspective" but taken as a whole you can clearly see the mastery you obtained on this piece. We have all had these kind of works that require fine scrutiny to bring to completion but my hat is off to you for the overall work. Fantastic!!!
    [Deleted User]Seymore
  • Thanks TwoPalette.I am glad to receive such nice comment from an great artist like you(.I’ve seen your website)
    I will have to go back and try to adjust few things .
  • I really like it Valentin. It has so much depth and feeling. The other things are easily "fixed" but your ability to paint with such drama and feel is fantastic.
  • edited February 2015
    @valentine, I love this work, especially the paper, cheese, and overall composition and tone. The paper is masterful. I think that part of the problem that you're having with the glass has to do with your background, because it has a lighter spot in the area just behind the bowl of the glass, which is showing through the glass and having a lightening effect on the bowl of the glass itself. If the light from the background is showing through the glass, however, it could not be lighter than the background, i.e., some of that light would be lost, so the glass would have to be darker than the light background (except for the reflected highlights). That is, reflected or refracted light can never be brighter than the light source or it will look wrong. If the light color in the bowl is a combination of reflected and refracted light, it may be what you see, but you are the artist and you can change it.

    Because the glass is not the center of interest, however, I would just darken the background behind it and suggest the glass by rendering the abstract pattern of highlights coming from it, paying close attention to value differences in those reflections. Same for the stem. You can suggest that with a highlight or two that tail off in brightness, like the tail of a comet. Forget that you're painting a glass completely. The glass will emerge.

    P.S. Although I paint my still lifes from life, sometimes I take a cell phone pic of my setup to get another perspective, sort of like looking at it with a mirror. Be careful with glass or metal if you do this, though, because the highlights will be exaggerated and blown out in a photo.
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  • ZIM said:

    I really like it Valentin. It has so much depth and feeling. The other things are easily "fixed" but your ability to paint with such drama and feel is fantastic.

    Thanks Zim .
  • Thanks Martin.I will try to approach how you've suggested and hopefully coming with better picture .
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