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Who, Me? Introduction

edited January 2013 in Introduce Yourself
Hi. My name is Sue Deutscher and I live in Denver, Colorado, where all of the artists are above average. Two grandchildren, three dogs and a neighborhood where you never know, could be firecrackers, could be anything.

I used to work in "IT" which I can't even spell anymore. A year ago I faced lay off or early retirement, so at 59 years old I took the latter. Now I have the time I've needed all my life and so far have been able to sell enough art to avoid getting a 'real' job. I'm living on the edge but I don't worry.

I keep telling my self I have to improve my art and marketing skills so I don't have to get a 'real' job, so I can keep doing what I love, so I can get a haircut and leave a big tip. But of course the real reason I have to improve my art doesn't have anything to do with those things. I don't know what the real reason is. I just have to like I've always had to, ever since that crayon thing on the wall. So I'm here. I'll learn a lot from everyone and share anything I know.

Here's something. Keep your coffee cup on the other side. And if your art is for sale and you're feeling discouraged, just remember all of those new construction houses out there on the east side of Stapelton. Those people don't buy crappy junk for their walls. They want good stuff, like what you make.

Happy painting.


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