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history, manipulated


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    You have to watch.
  • It looks like one of JP Morgan's heirs at the will reading.
  • I was interested in investing the 1 hour 38 minutes in watching this video. Then I spotted that it is also featured on! So I've decided to file it away with my Eric von Denizen books, to watch in my dotage.
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    Funny Kevin but it was shocking to me to hear the lecture and find a bunch more of them. What difference does it make who has the video up? The new part is the slant of the federal reserve and how it functioned when it was created. The insurance fraud had little to do with the federal reserve but the federal reserve had much to do with history.
    When JP morgan passed and his will read he only owned 17% of his own wealth, the remainder went to another behind the scenes founder of the federal reserve; rothshields.
  • No, Sheep, you watched the wrong utube video. At his age he sure can dance well.
  • Oilpainter, no disrespect to you. I watched about 10 minutes and recognized the common snake-oil seller techniques. For example, plucking facts that 'must' be connected because they happened at about the same time. WW1 was 'planned' decades in advance on the basis of 'we all know this''. David Icke is a well-known UK whack-job conspiracy theory nut who makes Scientology look sensible compared to some of his claims. Overall though who knows what happened in the past but I will say two things. No way could anyone fake the sinking of the Titanic by swapping another boat. No-one could pull that off and keep it a secret for so long. Secondly the idea that big money men or even corporations have enough power to hatch great plans to dominate the world is just America-centric delusion. Look at how Sony folded over a threat probably generated by some spotty teenager in his bedroom. The 'power' of corporate America on the world stage is really just a Republican wet dream fantasy. Such conspiracies never get very far without public knowledge and public assent.
    [Deleted User]
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    Gamer gave his lecture with photo evidence the sunken ship is Olympic.
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    If you watched the lecture you would know the finder of the wreck had blueprints and found keel supports not on the prints.
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