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Just introducing myself :-)

CathBCathB -
edited January 2013 in Introduce Yourself
Hi there - boy am I glad I found this site. I'm new to painting and only just completed my first portrait painting (actually first ever painting!) before I discovered this wonderful site existed. Sat up until 2am last night watching the still life oil painting being done and I was totally blown away. Just bought the portrait download and can't wait to watch it. As a retired blues singer - I'm really keen to express my love of the genre now through painting. I'd upload a copy of my first portrait - but I'm not sure how. Just going to attach it and see if that works .....anyway nice to meet you all and I'm already learning so much just from reading your posts! Cheers Cath :-)
By the way - I've fixed a couple of the 'hard lines' in this since this photo was taken.


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