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Pro Canon Printer A3+ - Cheap

Just thought I'd pass this on in case anyone is looking for a professional quality photo printer that will print up to 13x19, Canon has some great rebates right now with purchases until Nov 22. The Pixma Pro-100 which sold for $600 or so when they came out a couple years ago is selling for $398, with free shipping, a free 50 sheet pack of 13x19 pro gloss or luster paper and a $250 rebate from Canon. So, for $148 it's hard to go wrong. The printer uses dye based inks and has good reviews. There are aftermarket bulk ink refills available to lower the print cost considerably. I got one and the prints on the Canon Pro Luster paper are fantastic. It's a huge printer though and takes a bit of desk space. Weighs over 50 lbs. Looks like all the major online photo retailers are selling them (like B&H, Adoramma etc.)
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