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very bad OS X update, bugs everywhere, don't do it until they release further update. my machine has taken weeks to debug and far from fixed. if you do install it do not use file vault. i'm still getting up to estimated 400 days to finish encryption, no fixes.


  • Only issue we've had so far is that the volume can't be changed in the OS with our external speakers (we have to turn the knob manually). The only control we have is switching between mute and on. Lots of people are reporting similar issues so I imagine it will get patched soon.

    But we do not use FileVault.
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    Had a frustrating experience when I updated my . . . . . I mean . . . my wife's iPad to iOS 8. It pretty much cripple its efficiency in half, because of that I've been ignoring the "Yosemite" upgrade.

    On the plus side, because of the whole iOS 8 fiasco Santa Claus has agreed on delivering a replacement. >:)
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    My last upgrade on my mac broke ProTools, Band-In-A-Box and some animation software I (occasionally) use, and disabled anything related to foreign codecs. It also broke java, but that was an easy fix. The ProTools fix was expensive. Band-In-A-Box is still scrogged. I'm holding off until I hear something positive from the protools forums.
  • kingston, you must be lucky. i lose wifi constantly, macbook air overheats, kernel using 50% cpu, router must be reconfigured and reset everyday, file vault is stuck in hell, mac is slower than a frozen snail. reboots are constant. the complaints are overwhelming in the forums and no fixes for many issues. others have worse problems as i probably because i do not have extra software on the laptop. many people are in disbelief they pushed this out. i've done every fix posted including reinstall and still a mess. 10.10.1 is coming but there are so many issues they will be fixing this for a long time. the last download/reinstall went into the launchpad. i'll rethink another mac. i have iMac, macbook air, iPad, iPhone. and it will be quite awhile before i buy anything apple.
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  • My hubby used to be a die-hard PC fan. He has since changed his mind. I am now staring at a wonderful Mac screen. He keeps everything running in top shape for me. I'm sure he could add more to this conversation since it's his line of work. All I've got is the name of the back up that we use. CrashPlan. It happens at night when I don't notice it's doing it. Does it automatically. There's a monthly fee.
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  • my computer woes have worsened. apple is stumped at what my machine has morphed into. i'll be leaving the group because i have to wipe my drive clean. i ordered a 1TB backup drive and have to shut down due to insane overheating and wait for the drive and apple the to fix me. weeks i'd guess maybe more because of the christmas gifts flooding the techs.
    have nice experiences and holidays.
    fwiw, marks paints sound perfect for adding chalk for luminosity, looking forward to getting some.
  • Greetings Painters.
    The issue with the OSX 10.10 and 10.10.1 upgrade was in part due to the automatic upgrade setting. Users weren't prompted for clean installs and in some cases the upgrades brought hardware issues to light. You could find a motherboard is faulty and replacement required. The FileVault encryption process is one of the features that has shown under the surface the need for a disk repair or erasure. The overheating is caused by the system working at capacity using disk space as virtual memory. If the problem couldn't be resolved by Apple Care techs the last resort is erase disk then into hardware. The system is easy to troubleshoot and diagnose by the user and is very quick to repair, however, hardware issues are often difficult and not easily performed. Backup drives have become tools in cases like the above. If it fails after erase and restore, it's time for the solder gun.
    From my iPad
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