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Cigar Pochade box photos

edited January 2013 in Studio & Supplies
I mentioned in an earlier thread that I would post some pics of my cigar pochade box, so here they are. The whole setup connects to a tripod with a T-nut that is screwed into the bottom. I made it from two Kristoff cigar boxes, some scrap wood, and some brass hardware. Photos:
1. Closed.
2. Lid opens as easel. and I usually use it with 8x10 canvas board held on with mini bungee cords around the back.
3. I cut the lid from 2nd box in half and attached them with hinges. They open like doors and hold brushes.
4. I made a palette from plexiglass painted with acrylic 5 value grey on the back. Palette sits on wine corks. I store paints and stuff underneath.
5-6. The back is made from the other box and some strips of wood to form a panel carrier.
7-8. The whole thing fits in a bag which I always keep in my car - just in case!
9. I also carry a clip-on lcd light from IKEA in the bag which I use for lighting. It gives a nice neutral light. I'm going to buy another one to light up the palette.

I just made this one up as I went along, but I've seen much simpler cigar pochade boxes on youtube. This one has been pretty fun to use, though.

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  • Creative and useful!
    Bravo :\">
  • Super creative! It's all very cleaver and useful including the idea of corks as spacers. I like the idea of it all fitting in the bag and being carried in the car for that special moment that catches your eye. Thanks for sharing! :)
  • @Martin
    Very clever!
    Re: photo #6, if your painting is still wet, how do you keep it from getting smudged, at least on the sides?
    How much does it weigh when empty?
  • Very cool, ive seen them done a milion ways and it always amazes me how well they work
  • Thank you all - it was fun to do and I'll probably attempt another version soon. Vangie - I also keep one of those wet palette boxes for acrylic painting in the bag, which holds an 8x10 panel flat if I need it. So far I have only used this for still lifes which sit on the easel overnight, though, so it hasn't been an issue. The whole setup is pretty light - even with the tripod its got to be less than the weight of a laptop.

  • Here are a couple pics of a pochade box I made a while back. It holds an 8X10 panel and will attach to my tripod. I put a short piece of panel below the prepared panel to raise it above the palette. Not as elaborate as Martin's but works, holds all I need and works well on the tripod. I have looked at the cigar boxes on e-bay and the choices are numerous. The prices are not bad either. Would be fun to modify but when do you paint if you are doing all this other stuff? Also, no comments Gary about my junk workbench. When the genius juices are flowing you don't have time to clear the deck.
  • edited January 2013

    Your workbench top reminds me of one of mine--it looks like a solid-core door covered with 1/4" hardboard ("masonite")?! Mine has been going strong for about 35 years. I can't tell you all the things I've made on that workbench--even a baby or two if memory serves!

    What is especially great about that type of top is that you can screw or nail all kinds of jigs or stops onto it without any trouble and without worrying about the damage. There is also no worry about spilling sharpening oil, solvents, paints, etc. on it. I usually wax it every once in a blue moon so the beads of hardened glue that drip on it pop right off with a scraper. I have another traditional style workbench made of solid European beech that is great for many things, but you can't "abuse" it like the other one.
  • CharleyBoy

    Words just fail me. I'm speechless,

  • Very nice Gary! Artists are a creative bunch in more ways than brush, paint and canvas!.....and then there's Charley for whom a description is hopelessly inadequate! ;)
  • Even a baby or two? lol :)) :)) The bench is jist some 2X6's, a layer of ply and then hardboard. It was my fathers and served him as long as I can remember. When he past I tossed mine and took his. Maybe that where I came from now that I thick about it. :)
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