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Cigar Pochade box photos

Martin_J_CraneMartin_J_Crane ★★
edited January 2013 in Studio & Supplies
I mentioned in an earlier thread that I would post some pics of my cigar pochade box, so here they are. The whole setup connects to a tripod with a T-nut that is screwed into the bottom. I made it from two Kristoff cigar boxes, some scrap wood, and some brass hardware. Photos:
1. Closed.
2. Lid opens as easel. and I usually use it with 8x10 canvas board held on with mini bungee cords around the back.
3. I cut the lid from 2nd box in half and attached them with hinges. They open like doors and hold brushes.
4. I made a palette from plexiglass painted with acrylic 5 value grey on the back. Palette sits on wine corks. I store paints and stuff underneath.
5-6. The back is made from the other box and some strips of wood to form a panel carrier.
7-8. The whole thing fits in a bag which I always keep in my car - just in case!
9. I also carry a clip-on lcd light from IKEA in the bag which I use for lighting. It gives a nice neutral light. I'm going to buy another one to light up the palette.

I just made this one up as I went along, but I've seen much simpler cigar pochade boxes on youtube. This one has been pretty fun to use, though.

2592 x 1728 - 1M
2592 x 1728 - 1M
2592 x 1728 - 1M
2592 x 1728 - 2M
2592 x 1728 - 2M
2592 x 1728 - 2M
2592 x 1728 - 1M
2592 x 1728 - 1M
2592 x 1728 - 1M


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