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Why I Never Use Matte Varnish


  • Mark

    Thanks. Excellent video, dramatically illustrating the difference.

  • Interesting! I've never varnished any yet, mainly because I've yet to finish my paintings. So it's good to read your blog and see your illustration. What a difference!

    I gathered that some artists use a satin finish, by either using
    (i) a combination of gloss + matte (of varying proportions), or
    (ii) just straight from the bottle (eg W&N).
    I guess the end result would be between the 2 sides of your illustration, and with (i) would depend upon the proportion.

    Anyway, it seems more straightforward to just use straight gloss. Thanks for the tip, Mark!
  • I've always used glossy because I found out many years ago that some of my paintings when they dried, dried matte, and when I varnished with the glossy they came back to life, especially when I used tube black. Great minds think alike! :)>-
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