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More advice needed please.

Hi everyone. How long roughly will it take for a painting to dry using Marks slow dry formula? I know there may be a few things to consider. Recommendations would be very welcome. Thank you all.


  • dreamlight66

    A thinly coated canvas will start to dry within two days with the earth colors and about a week for the reds and blues, the yellows about ten days. By then there will be a 'touch dry' skin but still quite soft in the thick patches.

    A heavily painted or layered canvas will probably double these times.

    It is generally accepted that it will take six months before you can varnish. Though you can use 'retouch varnish' after it is touch dry. Might be safer to 'oil out' to bring the color back until final varnish at six months.

  • Thanks, i thought it would stay wet for much longer than that to be honest. So once i start i really need to put in the hours to get it finished?
  • dreamlight66

    You shouldn't feel pressured to get a painting finished.

    Suggest you work with some method. For example work from top left to lower right. Or you could block in all the big shapes and let them dry and go back to do adjustment and detailing later. Or, as Mark demonstrates in his still life work, paint to finality on one object before moving on to a new object and color group.

    Oils are really a flexible and adaptable medium and will fit with whatever is comfortable for you. Mark's SDM improves the medium and allows more options.

  • dreamlight66

    One more point I forgot to mention. Heat and humidity affect the drying times.

  • Thank you Denis, you have been very helpful.
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